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As the famed management guru Peter Drucker once said, "Culture eats strategy for lunch."

We could not agree more.

However, many organizations allow their "culture" to run on autopilot -- never identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

In today's business environment, where talent is viewed as a competitive advantage (and rightfully so!), it is critical for organizations to capture the true thoughts and feelings of employees. Why? Because highly satisfied and engaged employees contribute positively to customer ratings, productivity, and overall profitability.

Let's be candid -- building a culture worth celebrating takes a significant amount of investment from all levels within the organization. However, and we've witnessed it firsthand, all the effort, energy, and time will be well spent, resulting in a brighter future.

What's the difference?


Employee satisfaction

A measurement of an employee’s “happiness” with current job and conditions; it does not measure how much effort the employee is willing to expend.


Employee engagement

A measurement of an employee’s emotional commitment to an organization; it takes into account the amount of discretionary effort an employee expends on behalf of the organization.

Why measure both?

It’s vital to utilize a holistic approach. Assessing both areas will help your organization to better pinpoint the unique strengths and weaknesses within your culture.


Nick Van Horn

Founder and Chief Strategist

Clever Fox Analytics™ was founded with an impactful mission of enhancing organizations by providing powerful insights, amplifying voices, sparking change, and illuminating possibilities -- all through proven research, science, and data-driven outcomes.

We view employees as the most valuable, strategic resource in business. It is truly amazing to witness the talent of satisfied and engaged employees. They drive results, empower others, enhance operations, engage customers, and make an organization's brand come to life.

Employers do not necessarily have to offer "best-in-class" benefits, lavish perks, or mega bonuses in order for employees to be satisfied and engaged. Rather, it takes an organizational commitment that clearly shows employees are valued and that their voices do matter.

We at Clever Fox Analyticswant to be a part of that commitment, serving as a trusted partner, advocate, and guide to a brighter future.

Our subject matter experts all hold advanced degrees and have backgrounds in human resources, I/O psychology, statistics, survey design, and general research. With an extensive reach, we harness a wide range of views and expertise, allowing us to deliver high quality and meaningful results.